Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Are pigeons or other birds / animals making themselves at home under your solar panels?

Since we started in 2014, we have seen a spike in pigeons nesting under solar panels. Not only are they messy, smelly and noisy, their nests can become a major fire risk. We have also witnessed nests causing water blockages, encourages water ingress up under roof tiles and into the ceiling cavity.

Although pigeons are the major offenders, over the years we have also removed other species of birds and also used our specially sourced mesh to stop other animals such as possums and leaves from getting under our clients solar panels.

We use only stainless steel UV plastic coated mesh which is durable, flexible and will hold up to Australia’s harsh conditions. The mesh or solar skirts as they are sometimes called, are then professional secured to your panels using UV Stabilised locking clips which require no drilling of your solar panel frames.

All our solar panel skirts / pigeon proofing installs are backed by our 5 YEAR product and workmanship guarantee.

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