The Solar Panel Cleaning Specialists

Are your solar panels saving you money?

Did you know that cleaning your solar panels could save hundreds of dollars a year off your electricity bill?

Dirt and grime that build up on your solar panels have the ability to decrease the capacity of your solar panels to work at their full potential. From the ocean side salt air to the bird droppings and lichen in the hinterland, there are endless environmental factors leading to the decrease in efficiency of your solar panels.

Did you know, this ongoing build up overtime can have the ability to decrease your solar panels efficiency by up to a whopping 40%? Ultimately, this is causing a rapid increase in your electricity bill and eating away at the potential savings you could be making from your investment.

SpickNspan Solar ensures that your panels operate at their maximal capacity and save you money! We offer optimal cleaning services through the use of our uniquely designed cleaning system. We guarantee customer satisfaction each and every time!

The costs of our services far outweigh the cost of panel replacements and ultimately are far more affordable than the potential increase of your bills!

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