Air Conditioning Installations Gold Coast

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Residing on the Gold Coast offers you the ability to create the lifestyle you choose. Whether your weekdays are spent working from home, slogging it out in the office, staying home raising your family or rejuvenating at home after a long day at work; SpickNspan ensures optimal air conditioning advice, design and installation to meet your every need.

Established in 2014, we pride ourselves by offering excellent service and workmanship. Locals to the Gold Coast for almost 20 years, we specialise in air conditioning with a clear understanding of the climate in which we work. With humid summer months and cold winter snaps, the correct sized reverse cycle air conditioning systems are a must in South East Queensland.

Furthermore, SpickNspan is licensed with ARC ( ) and choose to supply and install reputable air conditioning units such as Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Daikin and Fujitsu. All units supplied include a minimum 5 year manufacturer guarantee.

Rising costs of electricity on the Gold Coast have created the need for you to update your inefficient air conditioning system today! The latest air conditioning systems are far superior to their outdated counterparts. A new air conditioning system designed and installed by Spicknspan will see a decrease in energy consumption by up to 60%.

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Commercial air conditioning install on the Gold Coast

Ducted air conditioning systems – Gold Coast

Ducted air conditioning systems are designed to heat or cool multiple rooms in your office or home. The required temperature in each individual room can be achieved through air balancing or with individual thermostats.

Wall split system air conditioning – Gold Coast

A wall / split air conditioning system is a great and economical way to control the temperature of a single room / area. The below guide will give you an indication of the sized unit you will need.

What wall / split air conditioning system is best for me?

2.5kw is great for a bedroom or smaller room

3.5kw is ideal for larger bedrooms

5kw is best for a small lounge room or kitchen dining area

7kw is normally best used larger sized lounge rooms & open planned areas

8kw is ideal for larger open planned areas & shops

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