Air Conditioning Service / Cleaning

Over time, all home and office air conditioning systems, become contaminated with different mould, bacteria and fungi. Spicknspan Solar & Aircon Cleaning Specialists is 100% locally owned (NOT A FRANCHISE!) and we specialise in cleaning and removing contaminates from wall split system and ducted air conditioning units in all areas of the Gold Coast, Logan, South Brisbane and Northern New South Wales.

By regularly cleaning and treating your air conditioning unit, you can significantly reduce the triggers that can cause nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, asthma and other respiratory conditions.

All our air conditioning cleans are extremely thorough, not only will be clean and treat your coils and blower fans like other service providers, we will also remove your air conditioner fascia / covers and filters to ensure all possible contaminates are removed and treated.

Do we use chemicals when cleaning your split system air conditioning unit?

Yes 100% we do! Why? Because we don’t like to mess around with mould and bacteria in your home and office. Other companies claim to use chemical free treatments and promote healthy bacteria to HELP combat your mould, bacteria and fungi – we at SpickNspan Solar and Aircon Cleaning Specialists believe eliminating and treating these contaminates is best for your families and employee’s health. Don’t worry though, both our specialised cleaner and treatment products are 100% biodegradable – meaning it will not pollute our beautiful country.

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