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Solar Panel Cleaning

Not only do we increase our clients’ solar output by an average of 14%, we also conduct a FREE twelve-point inspection on your solar PV system and provide a comprehensive written report. Clean solar panels mean more electricity produced!

Air Conditioner Cleaning

Cleaning your split system air conditioning unit can decrease the units electricity consumption by up to 30%. We use only 100% biodegradable products and also include a FREE bacteria / mould treatment of your indoor split system unit.

Need solar panel cleaning or split system air conditioning cleaning in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales?

We at SpickNspan Solar and Air Conditioning Cleaning Specialists are based on the Gold Coast and we service Northern New South Wales to Brisbane and everywhere in between.

Whether you have one air conditioning unit in your home or office or several that need cleaning / treated for mould and bacteria, or you have 2 solar panels on your home or a commercial solar farm that needs cleaning. We can offer an affordable and outstanding level of service that will suit your needs.

Since establishing ourselves on the Gold Coast in 2014, we have prided ourselves on exceptional customer service between Brisbane and Byron Bay and worked to establish a company that locals know and trust.

Our solar panel cleaning service is not only designed to keep your solar PV system operating at its full potential, we also complete our 12- point visual health check of your system and provide a same day written report outlining any concerns we find.

You can also be assured that we do not use any chemicals when cleaning your solar panels, we have designed our own water filtration system which leaves your solar panels SpickNspan, so clean you might even wonder if we have replaced them entirely!

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Air Conditioner Cleaning

As our name suggests, we also now specialise in cleaning split system aircon systems. Although only establishing this side our business in 2019, you can rest easy knowing SpickNspan has been committed to providing exceptional service to our clients for over 6 years!

SpickNspan Solar & Aircon Cleaning Specialists doesn’t offer just a basic service to our clients in SE QLD and Northern NSW, we offer an outstanding value service – this is our ‘6-point air conditioning split system service’ which includes a FREE mould and bacterial treatment.

Have you had a good look at your aircon lately? 

You may of notice excessive dust, black mould, bacteria or even fungi growing on the metal fins when you last cleaned the removable dust filters. You may also have noticed wet or dry black spots and built up dust where the air exits your internal split system air conditioning unit. If you have, I can ensure you these contaminates are being distributed around your home and office.

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