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According to recent global data, solar has quickly become the worlds favourite new type of electricity. Current evidence suggests that more solar PV capacity is being installed then any other generation technology.

It is no wonder this is the case with multiple significant advantages of PV. Cost, production scale and supply chains are just three of these factors. Other than wind, it is difficult to predict any other low-emissions technology challenging them within the coming decade.

Furthermore, Australia wide PV and wind alone comprise most of the countries new generation capacity. Solar PV capacity is set to reach 12GW by 2020! If this occurs, by 2030 more than half of Australian electricity will come from renewable energy. To put this into perspective, if Australia were to double the current PV and wind installation rates the country would reach 100% renewable electricity by 2033.

Queensland paving the way to a renewable future:

Most noteworthy, in Queensland August 2017 saw twice as much solar energy capacity installed in comparison to records from January- October 2016. This equates to approximately 450,000 roof top systems installed in that month alone. Queensland is not only the national leader; it is also the global leader in solar power as published by ABC news. Currently, there are over 32% of Queensland homes with solar panels on their rooftops.

At this point in time focus is currently fixated upon this rapid increase in installation rates, it is essential to take a moment to consider the importance of ensuring the correct upkeep and maintenance of your existing solar system.

SpickNspan Solar is Gold Goast owned and operated. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and helping you to correcting maintain your system to ensure you are getting the most out of your solar investment. Take a look around our website for more information regarding our solar system servicing from south as Byron Bay to as far north as Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and everything in between.

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