August 8


This System in Ormeau on the gold Coast was inspected by the installer two weeks ago after the home owner was concerned about their systems output. The owner was told that everything was fine and that he recommended to get the panels professionally cleaned. When I arrived the customer informed me that he was confident that the system was in perfect order as they had just been inspected and that he just wanted the solar panels cleaned.

Within minutes of being on the roof we notice the cracked isolator and that it had just just been given a dab of silicon to rectify the problem, something that should never be done! With further inspection it was easy to see the isolator had water ingress. Why didn’t the installer just install a new isolator? What did they check two weeks earlier? It’s appalling how some installers can be proud of their service, how can they sleep knowing how they left that system?

SpickNspan Solar prides itself on being a leading solar panel cleaning company and we go the extra mile do to visual inspections that can help keep you and your home safe!


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