August 8


I received a call from the Webster’s in Helensvale last week and after a short chat they decided to let SpicknSpan Solar come and have a look at the their system and give it a spring clean. When I arrived the next afternoon I spoke to them about the benefits of regular maintenance and also about which Qld Electrical Retailer was currently giving the best Feed-in Tariff and how they would receive that on top of their 44c per kw the government were offering.

Most the time I have a good idea about the increase a customer will gain from a SpickNspan clean, but I must admit that from the ground the system did look spotless and I was unsure if we would get more than than a few %.

Once I was all set up, I took a quick photo of the Inverter and we had a reading 669w. So up the ladder I went and before I started I notice a layer of dirt and dust that wasn’t noticeable from the ground. I got to work and with the help of our water de-ionizer and specialised solar panel cleaning equipment, 25mins later and using NO chemicals their system was sparkling. I quickly got off the roof and headed to the inverter so I could compare the numbers, 736w!

For those of you that like to see the results, you can’t get much clearer than this. We gained over 10% on this particular clean and from the ground you would of thought the panels were basically spotless before we started. It just goes to show that just because your solar panels look clean it doesn’t mean that they are!

Give us a call NOW on 1800 774 256 and we can get your solar system working to the best of its ability! Cleans start from a low $30


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