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Solar Panel Systems

With over 40000 commercial and residential solar panels systems on the Gold Coast, we pride ourselves on the being the number 1 solar panel cleaning specialists on the Gold Coast.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Our aim is to save every individual client as much as possible. Driving us to keep our costs low. Did you know??? Our services start from just $30!! No Job is too big or too small and all include an individualised service and maintenance plan.

Save $$$

On average, we increase our clients’ solar efficiency by 14%, saving them $100’s per year. Not only that, we will gladly check the condition of your panels, isolators, inverter and even your electricity bill to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment!

Need Solar Panel Cleaning on the Gold Coast?

Cleaning your solar panels could save hundreds of dollars a year off your electricity bill!

Dirt and grime that build up on your solar panels have the ability to decrease the capacity of your solar panels to work at their full potential. From the ocean side salt air to the bird droppings and lichen in the hinterland, there are endless environmental factors leading to the decrease in efficiency of your solar panels.

Did you know, this ongoing build up overtime can have the ability to decrease your solar panel’s efficiency by up to a whopping 40% ? Ultimately, this is causing a rapid increase in your electricity bill and eating away at the potential savings you could be making from your investment.

SpickNspan Solar ensure your panels operate at their maximal capacity and save you money! We offer the Gold Coast optimal cleaning services through the use of our uniquely designed cleaning system. We guarantee customer satisfaction each and every time! The costs of our services far outweigh the cost of panel replacements and ultimately are far more affordable than the potential increase of your bills!

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Why is solar panel cleaning essential?

Have you had solar panels installed for 6 months or more? When you had your solar panels installed did you consider the importance of maintenance? All solar panels are purchased and installed with the understanding that even though the initial costs of the investment are significant, the future savings are well worth the outlay! However…

What began as a good intention may have been a waste of your time, effort and ultimately your money. The harsh environmental elements have the ability to rapidly diminish the efficiency of your solar panels. Without regular cleaning, all of these good intentions could potentially be costing you hundreds of dollars!

Not only do the manufacturers recommend it, regular solar panel cleaning is a no brainer once you begin to outweigh the costs of the maintenance to the potential financial losses.

SpickNspan Solar offer services starting from as little as $30.00 with a SpickNspan guarantee each and every time!

All SpickNspan services are money saving, environmentally friendly and optimise the efficiency of your investment! Start decreasing your bill and increasing your profit today! There is no better time to book you solar panel clean than now – Ask about our introductory offer!

How will solar panel cleaning protect my warranty?

Have you ever checked the small print on your solar panel warranty? If not, now is a better time than any!

Did you know, most solar panel manufacturers specify regular cleaning as a requirement of warranty periods and claims?

Not only do they specify regular cleaning periods, they also specify required methods of cleaning. Harsh chemicals not only damage your solar panels they also have the ability to void your solar panel warranty!

SpickNSpan Solar offers services tailored to fit within the warranty guidelines of your solar panels warranty requirements. Through the use of chemical free de-ionised water, soft bristle brushes and safe handling- not only will it boost the efficiency of your panels, it will ultimately protect your warranty!

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